Coaching for Success

Within this framework for achieving effective coaching outcomes BWRT® offers enormous opportunities to help each individual break through self-limiting patterns, including difficulties with self-confidence, performance anxiety, lack of self-belief, critical inner-voice, negative conditioning from the past, fear of public speaking, and many many more.

Using a well-established and proven coaching model in combination with the powerful interventions offered with BWRT® it has now become easier than ever to achieve your personal, educational and work-related goals.
Professional coaching is now well established as a truly valuable resource for businesses and individuals alike. Research shows that coaching can have significant and positive effects on coachees’ performance and goal attainment, as well as skills, attitudes and wellbeing.

Dr Addy Hackett holds a Doctorate in Coaching Psychology and is a BWRT® Master Coach. She is an established coach and has been a passionate advocate of Coaching for Success for many years. The mainstream building blocks of a fruitful coaching relationship are recognized as:
  • Establishing a clear contract
  • Building a trusting relationship
  • Facilitating agenda
  • Facilitating reflection and learning
  • Managing emotional and organisational boundaries
  • Reviewing outcomes.